Symptoms & Signs of Bipolar in Teenagers

teenager bipolar signs

Teenagers are well known for being moody, irrational and unpredictable but at what point should you be concerned that perhaps your child is exhibiting symptoms of early onset bipolar disorder? Early onset bipolar disorder is one of the psychological disorders in the bipolar spectrum. This disorder begins to manifest itself during the early to late teen years of a person which can be a time of tumult and anxiety for any person, whether they are experiencing psychological disorders or not. However, when mood swings begin to occur suddenly and your child seems to be experiencing a manic episode it is time to consider the fact that your child may have early onset bipolar disorder.

Warning Signs of Early Onset Bipolar Disorder

Some of the warning signs of early onset bipolar disorder can be similar to standard teenage emotional tumult which can make it hard to see as a psychological disorder. However, when the instances of your teen seeming unnecessarily paranoid about social problems they may be experiencing or they give indications that their thoughts are turning to suicide parents would be wise to seek out some form of professional help for their teen. The big warning sign in any mention or indication of thoughts of suicide, however since teenagers are notoriously dramatic some parents do not take this seriously. A teenager expressing thoughts of suicide should also be receive some sort of professional counseling no matter what.

Delusions and Irrationality

Irrational behavior is common among teens but there is a marked difference between standard risky behaviors that all teens engage in and those that are symptomatic of early onset bipolar disorder. Driving too fast or neglecting to study for an exam are very common risky behaviors that teens engage in. However, when a parent begins to notice that their teens risky behaviors are including truly dangerous things like self-harm, substance abuse or neglect of all standard obligations a red flag should go up in the parents mind. Delusions of being a successful artist are a big movie star are also common among teens but when these delusions take on a more sinister tone, such as insisting that people are plotting against them or that they feel they are being constantly watched this is another time when parents should take note.

Seeking a Diagnosis

If you feel that your teen is exhibiting symptoms of early onset bipolar disorder then you will certainly want to seek professional help for your teen. Again, if your teen ever mentions thoughts of suicide or seems to be exhibiting extreme paranoia about things that teens are not normally paranoid about then it is time to take them to a professional. Extreme mood swings unlike those usually experienced by teens are another indication. Manic episodes are depressive episodes in rapid succession are common among bipolar teens are should be taken as an indication that something more than typical teenage emotional tumult is at work. Once a diagnosis of early onset bipolar disorder has been received then proper treatment can begin.