Symptoms of Manic Depression in Children

Bipolar children

Bipolar disorder is something that a lot of people have problems with, something that can actually become apparent early one; early onset bipolar disorder can be more difficult to diagnose, however in this article, we are going to explore some of the symptoms of early onset bipolar disorder that you should watch out for.  We are also going to explore how genes in the family can actually help diagnose early onset bipolar disorder and can also help you see if your child has bipolar disorder and needs assistance.

Diagnosing Early Onset Bipolar Disorder

In general, it is very difficult to diagnose bipolar disorder, in fact, most psychological disorders are similar in the symptoms, so that is what makes it so hard for them to be caught by doctors.  Early onset bipolar disorder can be even more difficult to catch in a child as most doctors believe things like paranoia or manic episode sessions such as depression are just normal for a child.  This is where the doctor will have to dig down deep and look at the mood swings as well as the way the child interacts and finally the genes.

It has been proven that bipolar disorder can actually be found in the genes of anyone that could have bipolar disorder and this is in general is one of the greatest tools that doctors will use whenever they are looking to diagnose early onset bipolar disorder.    When a child has a bipolar mother it can be a key to diagnosing early onset bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms to Watch Out For

There are many different symptoms that places like a psychiatric hospital or a psychiatric clinic may be able to watch out for, but if you are watching your child, you may not be aware.  Depression is the first symptom that you should notice, but it is not just depression, it is actually a switch in their mood.  Highly annoyed, agitated moods are typically normal in a child that has early onset bipolar disorder and this can actually further push them into a state of depression.  Mood swings are typically one of the first symptoms and they are by far the worst, a bipolar patient can go from high to down in a matter of minutes.

Specific Manic Episode Symptoms

What a lot of people do not realize when they are dealing with someone that is bipolar is that there are specific symptoms that they should be watching out for when a person that has bipolar disorder is in a manic episode.  These are the very first set of symptoms that you should be watching out for and typically, they all start with the depression phase.  Sometimes the patient can go deep into paranoia and can become filled with anxiety.  In a lot of cases, the bipolar patient believes that the family members or even the doctors are trying to hurt them or conspire against them or even that they are being abandon.  These are things that can happen to a patient that is in a manic episode and many times, the manic episode is one of the more noticeable symptoms of a bipolar patient versus just depression or highs and lows.


Early onset bipolar disorder is something that can happen to anyone that has any bipolar disorder genes and is very hard to handle, however with these symptoms defined, it might be easier to spot in your child.