Symptoms of Bipolar Mania

bipolar mania

If you know someone with bipolar you know that they have to deal with a lot of things including bipolar disorder mania symptoms.  As someone that is supporting and standing beside someone with bipolar, whether you are dating someone with bipolar or have a bipolar family member like a bipolar mother, you want to be sure that you know best how to handle these manic episodes and what you can do for someone that is dealing with bipolar disorder mania symptoms.  You want to be sure that your loved one is getting the treatment that they need and the medication that is necessary to keep them healthy and sane.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder Mania

The first thing that you need to do is to understand what bipolar disorder mania symptoms actually are and what it means for the person that has bipolar disorder.  Generally, with bipolar disorder mania, it comes in the form of manic episodes.  There are varying degrees of manic episodes.  Basically, a manic episode is a period of time where the person is in a irritable, elevated, or expansive mood.  Sometimes manic people are extremely cheerful, other times, they are irritable and crabby, and other times they are having delusional thoughts that usually include inflated self-esteem.

Treating Bipolar Disorder Mania

The next thing that you have to determine is how that person is going to treat the manic episodes that they are having.  There are many different treatment options and most of them depend on how bad the manic episodes are.  Some people just attend counseling so that they are able to work through it at a place like a psychiatric clinic, others try things like psychosis, and for some, the manic episodes are so bad that they are forced to do inpatient treatment at a psychiatric hospital so that they are able to get better.

Helping Someone Through Their Bipolar Disorder Mania

If you have a loved one that has bipolar disorder, you need to help them through the manic episodes that they may have.  There are many different ways that you can be supportive, but mainly you need to be there so that when they are having the euphoria or the increased self-esteem, you can be their voice of reason.  This is really important for someone with bipolar that is dealing with manic episodes.  Be there to help them through these episodes that can destroy them.

People that have bipolar face all kinds of day to day obstacles because of the symptoms of their bipolar disorder, help them as best you can.  It is really important that when they are dealing with these, especially the manic episodes which can be extremely dangerous that they are getting the help that they need.  Aside from being there to support them, you need to understand what they are facing and know the treatment options that they have available to them, all of this will really help them get what they need and make the most sense of what they are going through when they are dealing with bipolar disorder mania episodes.