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For a person who is bipolar dating can be a very stressful experience. A bipolar person has a number of mental issues to bring up with a new partner and numerous things to explain about their condition. There are all sorts of ups and down that go along with bipolar dating and these things can be hard for many people to understand. As a result, someone who witnesses a lover go through a manic or depressive episode can end up being scared off by this, no matter how much they may love the person. Dealing with these ups and downs in a healthy and understanding fashion is the key to making a relationship with someone who suffers from bipolar disorder last and being aware of them is the first step toward understanding.

The Highs

The high experienced during bipolar dating can truly be dizzying, dizzying highs. At first someone who is new to dating a person with bipolar disorder can see these manic episodes as being a great deal of fun. A person who is bipolar dating a person who is not can seem like they are just happy and full of energy. However, there is a darker side to the manic episodes. The burst of energy and positive thinking that accompany the beginning of manic episode are just that; the beginning. As the episode progresses impulse control problems leading to dangerous or aberrant behavior can surface. A manic person may say or do things that seem insensitive and cruel making it easy for their partner to feel like they would be better off if they just ended the relationship.

The Lows

Just like the dizzying highs of bipolar dating, the lows are equally extreme. Suddenly that high-energy, super confident, fun, happy person is replaced by their slow moving and depressive alter ego. A person with bipolar disorder will often retreat when experiencing a depressive episode and seem like they just want to be left alone. This can by a trying experience for someone who is dating a bipolar person as their initial instinct is probably to comfort the person. However, after having their attempts at comfort rejected many people misinterpret this rejection as a total rejection of the relationship. They forget that a person dealing with bipolar disorder very often will do and say things that they don’t fully mean.

Making the Best of the Situation

If someone is dating a person with bipolar disorder that they truly love, and are loved by, there are ways to deal with the situation as best as possible. Simply by being understanding of the person’s condition the partner of a bipolar person can greatly reduce the strain on the relationship. Keep in mind that a bipolar person experiencing manic or depressive episodes isn’t fully in control of their faculties. A cruel remark can be very hurtful but it isn’t the person talking, it is their by polar disorder. Staying supportive and understanding while with someone experiencing this disorder can help make bipolar dating easier and more fulfilling for both parties.