History of Bipolar Disorder

bipolar history

When it comes to the history of bipolar disorder, there is a lot that can be learned from it and understanding it. For people that are suffering from bipolar and dealing with things like paranoia, thoughts of suicide, and manic episodes, they need to understand the history of this disease and the treatment options out there. This also something that people who may have friends or loved ones that are bipolar will want to learn also. Be sure that you understand the history of bipolar disorder so that you can be on top of what it is and where it came from and the past treatment methods that have been used.

Basic History of Bipolar Disorder

One of the craziest things about bipolar disorder is that it is actually one of the oldest known illnesses and there are a lot of records of people that were treated of this as far back as the 1600’s. There are records of these people dealing with manic episodes and thoughts of suicide and it was actually even published in a book that long ago. But, Jules Falret actually makes the diagnosis and the case for bipolar disorder. The history of bipolar disorder tells us that he actually linked depression and suicide and that his work is what created the actually bipolar disorder.

Distinguishing Between Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adults

The history of bipolar disorder is also important to understand because it helped to prove that there are different types of bipolar disorder. So what a bipolar mother has isn’t the same disease nor does it need the same treatment as what their bipolar child may have. This link was crucial and was developed in the 1980’s through lots and lots of research. This really helped determine proper treatment methods for the different age groups so that people were getting what they needed.

The History of Bipolar Disorder in Regards to Treatment

Over the years, the treatment of bipolar disorder has really changed and through the history of bipolar disorder, we have seen a lot of different treatment methods emerge. In the past, there may have been a lot of psychosis and treatments like that that people thought would work for anyone that had bipolar disorder. However, as time went on, more treatment options cam about for these psychological disorders like treatment as an inpatient in a psychiatric hospital or a psychiatric clinic and new medications like Depakote bipolar pills.

With the history of bipolar disorder, you want to be sure that you understand it so that you know how it works and the treatment options that have been used historically. Understanding the history of bipolar treatments and how the diagnosis of the disease came about will help you understand the different treatment choices that you are going to have. There are solutions for bipolar treatments and thanks to a lot of great research; people have found ways to overcome this psychological disorder. Knowing the history of bipolar disorder will help you understand it better.