How to help someone with bipolar disorder

Major Depressive Disorder

The effects of bipolar disorder on dating is hard.  Bipolar disorder is hard in and of itself but when you are trying to date when you are on it, it can make it that much more difficult.  In this article, we are going to explore  effects of bipolar disorder and dating and also discuss how dating someone with bipolar disorder is difficult.  We will also discuss some help options for bipolar disorder and how psychological disorders are not the end of the world, rather they are just the beginning of it.

Help out with Bipolar Disorder

We all know that dating in general is different but when you are going bipolar dating it can be that much harder and below, we are going to explore the effects of bipolar disorder on dating and how it can be that much harder.  A lot of the time the patient does not want to reveal that they are bipolar, especially to a new partner, for they can take it the wrong way.  Bipolar disorder has a lot of ups, a lot of downs and a lot of in betweens and that can be very difficult for someone that does not understand bipolar disorder to handle.

Believe it or not, a lot of people that are dating someone with bipolar disorder do not understand that disorder nor do they know exactly how to help a manic episode.  This is why a lot of bipolar dating does not happen and why a lot of bipolar patients feel ashamed of their disorder.

Some Common Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

While it might not be conducive for you to let your partner know that you have bipolar disorder, there are some symptoms that your partner is going to be able to spot right off the bat.  Some of the effects of bipolar disorder include but are not limited to euphoric mood, decreased ability to pay attention or even to focus in general, unrealistic views about exactly what they are capable of, constantly late to appointments or even a decreased need for sleep.  This is when the bipolar patient is on a high, when they are on a low or in a manic episode it is completely different.

When a patient is in a manic episode, there is a need for more sleep, no matter how many sleep they have gotten, there is also a fear of bipolar disorder suicide for a lot of the time, the patient will commit suicide because they feel so hopeless and do not feel as if anyone in the world cares for them or cares if they die.

Help Options of Bipolar Disorder

Now that you understand a little bit better of what effects of bipolar disorder are we are going to explore some of the help treatment options out there for bipolar disorder.  Bipolar disorder is certainly one disorder that might psychiatric hospital or psychiatric clinic care.  There is also talk therapy, which is a great treatment option for any bipolar patient that is looking to explore their feelings and that is looking to talk about their feelings in an open and free place.  As you can see,  effects of bipolar disorder can be difficult to handle, but not impossible.