Babies with Bipolar Symptoms

bipolar toddlers

There are many different challenges that any parent’s faces whenever they are dealing with raising a child, but when they are raising a child with early onset bipolar disorder it can be that much more challenging.  In this article, we are going to talk about all of the different challenges that parents are faced with whenever they are dealing with early onset bipolar disorder.  We are also going to discuss exactly how early onset bipolar disorder is diagnosed, so if you believe that your child may have early onset bipolar disorder, you will be able to understand some of the challenges that you are going to face.

What Is Early Onset Bipolar Disorder?

This is a common question and it is actually one of the many psychological disorders that people face, however most of the time, these types of psychological disorders are diagnosed in adults, not children.  With early onset bipolar disorder, it is actually diagnosed in children and while this is rare, it can be difficult for a parent to understand the disorder if they do not know what it is.  Bipolar disorder in general involves a child’s moods.  When a child has bipolar disorder, they generally have a lot of mood swings and go through a manic episode often or sometimes rarely, it all depends.

The mood swings are all unpredictable and they can actually put a lot of stress into the family if only because there is no cure and sometimes, a manic episode can be quite uncontrollable.

What Is a Manic Episode?

It is very difficult to handle a child when they are going through a manic episode however, if you do not know the symptoms of an episode like this, how will you be able to spot when your child is going through one?  Well, a manic episode is made up of a number of different things such as paranoia, distress, hopelessness, a feeling of being lost and severe depression.  These are all things that make up an episode like this and it is certainly very difficult for a child to go through something like this.

The Dangers of Mania

There are a lot of different dangers that are associated with this type of mania and they can be anything from the child harming themselves all the way to them harming other people.  The reason for the dangers is because the perceptions and thoughts of the child when they are in the mania are off kilter and are certainly delusional sometimes.  This is why it is very important to keep an eye on your child if they are going through mania, for it can also become fatal.

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

There are many different treatment options for bipolar disorder, whether it is through a psychiatric hospital or therapy or even medication.  There are many different medications out there that will treat bipolar disorder; however you want to make sure that you find one that suits your needs.  You also want to make sure that you are looking up the side effects of any medication you might have to take.

As you can see, early onset bipolar disorder is difficult to work through, however it is not impossible, it just takes some time to overcome the challenges.